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Madden NFL Football 


The Nintendo 3DS has brought us a lot of interesting franchises thus far. Sure it has not been around long, and sometimes the first batch of games are not always the best batch. EA Sports has been a publisher that has provided numerous great games for families over the years. I was very curious about the inaugural Madden game on this hand held. Madden NFL Football is the name of that 3DS game. I purchased it myself and have been very impressed thus far. I do not feel it is fair to compare Madden NFL Football to the home console versions. There are not as many options or features in the 3D hand held video game. The game flow choice is an interesting one that will appeal to casual gamers. Control freaks can pick each and every play if they so choose. The music in Madden NFL Football is lacking as there is not a lot of songs and it is an all or nothing kind of deal. Meaning we can turn off certain songs.

The 3D graphics are great, and the animation is the best I have seen on any Nintendo hand held machine. Madden NFL Football has some fun commentary which is usually on target. At times their sound byte comments could have been better, but I am a video game editor after all. My standards are pretty high. This is the first football game I have played on the Nintendo 3DS. So it would be pretty easy to say it is the best one, since it is the only one. The controls work well in Madden NFL Football. I hope to see improvements in future versions of this game on this system. I hope to have a review in an upcoming issue of Family Friendly Gaming. {07/02/2011} - Paul


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