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Kirby and The Amazing Mirror



Kirby and The Amazing Mirror 


We received a request recently to review some more seasoned games. We have games in our vault that we never were able to get around to. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror is one such game on the Gameboy Advance. This game has been re-released on the Nintendo 3DS for those of us that are ambassadors. Kirby is a pink little hero who can inhale any enemy. If that enemy has a special power then Kirby can start to use it. Kirby can lose the power if he is hit. It can be recaptured if the player is quick enough.

The visuals and music are classic Kirby in this hand held title. I enjoyed seeing Kirby characters of different color in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. This GBA game is also long for a game of its type from that time period. I checked Amazon and Kirby & The Amazing Mirror goes for around of the price of existing hand held games - used. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror contains violence in multiple forms. The main one is Kirby inhaling the strange looking creatures. There is also using the various powers/weapons on them.

Lord willing we will get a review in an upcoming issue of Family Friendly Gaming. I have been working on Kirby & The Amazing Mirror during Christmas break. I am not sure if a review will appear in issue #55 or issue #56. But I will do everything in my power to get it into one of those issues. My main complaint against Kirby & The Amazing Mirror right now is getting stuck in an infinite loop where I can not find my way to a new area. This is after beating the first boss. {12/28/2011} - Paul


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