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Freakypets Its All In The Moves 


Freakypets is a happy and angry franchise at the same time. The animals are happy in one form, and then turned inside out they are cranky. The cranky is more like angry. Freakypets It’s All In The Moves is a book on the iPhone/iPod Touch that Family Friendly Gaming was given a sneak peak look at. The WMG looked at this product on the Personal Computer. But it is actually on the iPhone/iPod Touch. The storyline in Freakypets It’s All In The Moves teaches children to use their cranky feelings to accomplish certain goals. Technically they have to use both the happy and the cranky.

The narrator's voice is generally good, with numerous nuances. One of the coolest things about Freakypets It’s All In The Moves is the family unit is intact, and normal. They even eat a meal together. The parents do what they can to help Puff Puff in his quest to learn the Spin-Song-Jump 2.0.Ah how computers have effected all of our lives. Now children's books have 2.0 in them. The art ranges in Freakypets It’s All In The Moves. Some of it looks good, and others look much more artistic. The Freakypets are not the easiest thing to draw so my heart goes out to them.
{10/08/2011} - Working Man Gamer


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