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Bust-A-Move Universe 


Family Friendly Gaming always pays attentions to publishers when they release good games for families. The games with the good moral and ethical content have a much better chance of receiving a high score. So I paid ultra close attention to Bust-A-Move Universe when I heard about it. I saw it went on sale on Black Friday so I jumped at the opportunity of purchasing it. The coolest part about Bust-A-Move Universe is it is a Nintendo 3DS title. That platform has been taking off in recent months. This is one of those games that could improve the image of Square Enix.

Bust-A-Move Universe is one of the original match three or more. The one key difference is the player has a launcher. They shoot the orbs at orbs on the top of the screen. Match three or more to make them go away. If they happen to have other orbs anchored to them only then they also go away. The question any gamer is going to have is: "how are the 3D effects?" Thus far in playing Bust-A-Move Universe I am not impressed. The background looks like a planet that is rotating around at a quick pace. I have been turning it off.

Thankfully there is more to Bust-A-Move Universe than the 3D effects. Player free their friends by collecting keys. They also get to fight in boss battles. Rapid fire is one of the coolest features that I got to use against the first boss. I am going to work a review for Bust-A-Move Universe into my schedule for an upcoming release of Family Friendly Gaming. Until then you can know that Bust-A-Move Universe is one of the safest games for families from Square Enix.
{12/13/2011} - Paul


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