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Rock Paper Sumo 


Family Friendly Gaming has not done a lot with Facebook games. Few of us mess around with Facebook on a regular basis. The main reason is we see it as a fad that will eventually diminish. How many people have MySpace pages? Those are not so popular now. I can remember when WBS.net was a very popular website. Well they are gone now. Rock, Paper, Sumo! lets you play a rock, paper, scissors kind of game on Facebook with sumo wrestlers. No, they are not real sumo wrestlers. They are cartoon looking sumos. You can dress your sumo in different bikinis, which I have to admit is just odd. That may be my take on it, because I think it is supposed to be humorous. Well once you semi dress your sumo, you can make challenges to other Facebook users. You pick your rock, paper, scissors combo (editor: three per challenge). Then you wait for them to respond. One of the things I do not like is we are only allowed two challenges per day. Rock, Paper, Sumo! is an interesting take on the rock, paper, scissors. We do not plan on reviewing this game at this time. {06/20/2010} - Yolanda


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