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CardMon Hero 


I was blessed to be able to get an early look at CardMon Hero on the Personal Computer. This MMORPG has a nice soft look to it. A lot of the female characters are exposing quite an amount of cartoon flesh though. Players collect various cards that give them different monsters, thus linking the card and mon part of the name. At the start of the game players learn about the fight between a goddess and a demon. The system layout, and menu screens are one of the most impressive things I saw in CardMon Hero. The cartoon violence is light but I expect an E10+ rating for CardMon Hero at a minimum. Moving around is pretty easy in CardMon Hero, and I appreciated the loading screens educating me in how to play the game. Closed Beta starts on November 10, in the year of our Lord 2010. So ya'll won't have to wait too long. Hanbitsoft Inc has made CardMon Hero approachable by casuals, with depth that will interest hardcore gamers. Time will tell if the millions will leave Warcraft for CardMon Hero. {11/09/2010} - Paul 


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