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World of Zoo impressed me at E3 this year. So I was pretty excited when our friends over at THQ provided an animal editor on the PC (Personal Computer). If you are not into PC Gaming, have no fear because this game is also appearing on the Wii, and Nintendo DS.  I saw the Wii version of World of Zoo at E3, and was very impressed. This game lets you express your creative side (something I celebrate on a daily basis). The customization of the animals is fantastic. Want a purple tiger? How about a red monkey? These options are availabe to you. Not only do they please adults, but they also excite children. My own offered all kinds of suggestions as to which colors to try. October 26, in the year of our Lord 2009 is when World of Zoo is slotted for official release in North America. I for one, am extremely excited about this game. {09/15/2009} - Paul


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