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Timothy and Titus



Timothy and Titus 


I enjoy getting to play Christian video games, even if my computer does not always want to behave. Timothy and Titus on the PC (Personal Computer) is one such title that got an ‘E10+’ rating from the ESRB. There is plenty of cooperative team play between Timothy and Titus, especially when it comes to the double jump. The artistic approach of this video game is very apparent, and quite appealing. The most fascinating thing about Timothy and Titus is the story behind the game making it to public. It was done close to two years ago, but due to a problem with the publisher gamers did not get to play it. This is a real shame, because two years ago this game would have been spectacular. Still it is a good start for White Knight Games, and hopefully they will break into home consoles. This kind of a video game would work great on the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Sony Playstation 3. With a little scaling down it could also work quite nicely on the Nintendo DS, and Sony Playstation Portable. Expect a full review to appear in a future issue of the uncanny Family Friendly Gaming, and online of course. For those that can not wait, the developer has included a way to download the game online from their website. {01/09/2008} - Paul


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