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NBA 2K7 


2K Sports has been a sports video game developer that I have followed for years. Most of their games are ones that I have found myself enjoying. NBA 2K7 unfortunately does not fit into that category. I understand that teams can go on runs in basketball, but this game seems to force that aspect. When I found myself on the losing end of a team making a run, there was nothing I could do to stop it. Then the cheerleaders are gyrating around in an extremely shameful and anti-family friendly manner. NBA 2K7 keeps it realistic by making it difficult to get into the paint. Sadly they went a little too far and it was rare to ever get into the paint unless on a fast break with only one player there. The faces of the players look realistic for the most part. The core of any basketball sports video game is the free throws. I can not stand the concept that 2K Sports came up with for this game. The music is standard hip hop, and rap where some of the songs come from artists who have parental advisories on them. Can the ESRB please explain to me (or editors of Family Friendly Gaming) how language like that can be missed in their video game rating system? This game will certainly be challenging for those that can handle all of the previously mentioned quirks. Expect a full review to appear in a future sporting issue of Family Friendly Gaming. {11/16/2007} - Frank


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