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Slimefrog Release Date



San Francisco, CA, September 16th in the year of our Lord 2021: Indie game developer Jordan Pefianco is proud to announce September 21st as the official release date of STEAM™-exclusive Slimefrog, a fun, addictive and super difficult single-player platformer challenging you to reach the summit of the world using nothing but your tongue as a grappling-hook!

Slimefrog is a rage platformer inspired by Jump King and Getting Over It that utilizes controls reminiscent of the classic Bionic Commando™ (Capcom 1987). In Slimefrog, you must navigate up an exotic and unforgiving world using your tongue as a grappling-hook while being verbally abused by a flying snake! Prepare yourself for plenty of triumphs as well as soul crushing failure, as the slightest mistake will send you tumbling all the way back to the bottom of the world! Featuring 9 unique levels full of potential for epic fails, can you reach the summit to discover the secret awaiting you? Or will you experience another slap in the face to your gaming skills and a rapid decline in your self-esteem?

Slimefrog is a hilarious game with plenty of sarcasm and humor. Only by mastering the controls and understanding the mechanics do you stand a chance of upping your game as you sharpen your reflexes to avoid the intimidating obstacles on your ascent. Some obstacles might seem impossible to overcome unless you figure out an alternative path; sometimes using a different angle and perspective offers the solution to the mind-bending tricky obstacles. To help you on your way, you can lick(!) the platforms to quickly accelerate yourself towards them - and while mid-air, you have 4 licks at your disposal that reset every time you tumble to the bottom or collide with a roof.

Slimefrog is suitable to players of all ages seeking the ultimate thrill of a fast-paced rage platformer seemingly impossible to beat! With its compelling soundtrack and pixel-perfect intuitive controls the game is a must-have to fans of the genre today!


Grappling-hook controls
9 areas to traverse
Unique soundtrack
Flying snake that insults you when you fail
Dark secret at the summit!

No word on a physical copy version of this game on this system(s) in the US at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.

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