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Mail Mole Release Date



February 17, in the year of our Lord 2021 -- Charming 3D platformer Mail Mole is coming to PC and Consoles on March 4th! Molty the Mail Mole arrives with an express delivery, to announce the launch date of his first adventure on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation 4 & PC!

Mail Mole is a charming 3D platformer, featuring an unusual hero in his quest to make his most important deliveries yet. Molty, the Mail Mole, will take on the most demanding challenges to reach Carrotland's oldest Mailboxes: endless pits, giant boulders, steep slopes, bouncing platforms, sharp spikes..... tough roads! But when the power is out, you can't send an e-mail!
Welcome to Carrotland

Mail Mole takes place in Carrotland, an original colorful world full of surprises to discover! From the calm beaches of Coconut Islands to the freezing heights of Yeti Ridge, Molty will make new friends, race against misterious mech-rivals, solve a few puzzles and try to find all of the delicious collectibles scattered around the world!

Game Features

Explore over 30 levels full of platforming challenges
Gather carrots and buy costumes for Molty at Rick's Store
Find all the collectibles scattered around Carrotland
Make quick deliveries to win all the gold medals
Race against a bunch of evil mech-moles in super fast time attacks
Introducing our new hero, Molty the Mail Mole!

A new studio in town

Mail Mole is the first title by Talpa Games, an new development studio formed straight out of university, which has partnered up with veteran indie studio Undercoders, to develop a colorful 3D platformer inspired by the classics of the genre and aimed at players of all ages.

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