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Lyon, Montpellier, Paris, France – November 3rd, in the year of our Lord 2021 -- Vacation time! INSTANT SPORTS is back with its new Winter edition! Breakfirst Games, Just For Games and PID Games are excited to announce INSTANT SPORTS Winter Games has officialy launched worldwide.

You can now play Bobsleigh, Ski, Ice Cross and more, in exclusivity on Nintendo Switch, both in digital and physical editions! Ready for the competition?

Find 7 iconic winter sports in INSTANT SPORTS Winter Games:

Perform your best tricks on the bumps, keep your balance on the pipes and make acrobatics in the air!

Ice Cross
Take part in a crazy Ice Cross race. Avoid obstacles and jostle your competitors to win!

Push your bobsleigh and follow the right path to go as fast as possible and reach the finish line first!

Alpine Skiing
Get down the slope, and do not miss the gates to make the best time!

Ski Jump
Stay on your line to gain maximum speed and jump as far as possible.

Throw the rocks at the House to score points!

Snowball Arena
Throw snowballs to make your competitors lose all their points!

About INSTANT SPORTS Winter Games:

Grab your ski suit, your skis and poles, and get ready to conquer the snowy peaks!

With INSTANT SPORTS Winter Games, you’ll be offered an avalanche of extremes and amusing sports to play. Use motion-gaming to win the different rounds: Everyone can easily jump into the game simply by moving the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con!

And if you want to become unbeatable on ski slopes and master them like a pro, try the expert mode and play with the buttons!

❄ Play 7 winter games, including Slopestyle, Ice Cross, Bobsleigh and way more!

❄ Extreme sports, but funny ones too! Enjoy snowballs fights or curling sessions.

❄ Collect hundreds of items to customize your character.

❄ Beautiful snowy landscape and environment. Practice sports on different slopes and settings!

❄ Up to 4 friends to share a sporty time in the snow... but comfortably settled at the bottom of your sofa! Add a hot chocolate cup and you got all you need to have fun with INSTANT SPORTS Winter Games!

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