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3on3 FreeStyle Launches Cross-Play Winter Season Ranked Mode



Irvine, California – January 29, in the year of our Lord 2021 - Joycity announces that ‘3on3 Freestyle’ is opening the 2021 Winter Season Ranked Mode with cross-play, multi-platform support. The new update presents an exciting, full-court competition and series of balance changes to deliver a polished feel and refined gameplay.

For the first time in 3on3 FreeStyle history, the 2021 Winter Season Ranked Mode kicks off with cross-play enabled. In sharp contrast to previous Ranked Mode seasons, this season will incorporate a single-rank model spanning all 3, gaming platforms 3on3 FreeStyle is currently available on (console and Steam). This also means that the who’s-who of the 3on3 FreeStyle competitive community will be bringing an element of fierce competition unlike anything seen before.

In past seasons, the starting rank was determined by the final rank of the previous season. However, the all new, cross-play enabled season will level every player on equal footing. This will stage PC and console players alike on the Ranked Mode starting block for the first time. The Winter Season also brings balance updates for 5 of the playable characters. The balance update focuses on skills and base attribute adjustments to better focus on their intended roles (positions) and contributions; considerably improved to play as intended. The update also includes several UI developments to help players allocate these balance changes with ease. In addition, A.I. controlled characters received improvements to feel more life-like during a match. To celebrate the cross-play Ranked Mode update, Joycity is running a Ranked Mode play event where players will be able to obtain rewards regardless of winning or losing matches. If they play a certain amount of Ranked Mode matches, and level up their characters, they win.

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