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EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. – October 24, in the year of our Lord 2019 – Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. is revealing today additional information about the company’s new esports program, eFootball, powered by the latest game in the PES series.

Headlined by two major tournaments, eFootball.Pro and eFootball.Open, KONAMI is pleased to announce that both will kick-off this December, with player registrations for eFootball.Open set to begin in November.

eFootball.Open is an esports tournament open to all players, competing exclusively in online 1v1 matches and replaces the previous PES LEAGUE competition.

Utilizing the new Matchday mode in eFootball PES 2020, players will select one club during the registration period that they will then compete with for the duration of the tournament. The clubs available to select will mirror those competing in the professional esports tournament, eFootball.Pro, to be announced soon.

To create football’s most accessible esports competition, eFootball.Open will divide players into “Basic”, “Intermediate” and “Expert” levels with matches taking place every two weeks. Players will be divided in categories depending on their rating in the Online Divisions.

Only players at the highest “Expert” level will have the opportunity to progress to Regional and then World Finals. These are the players who have the chance to earn prize money and the attention of the world’s top football clubs as they scout for their future eFootball stars.

“Expert” players will be ranked alongside other players on their platform (PS4, Xbox One or PC) who selected the same club, with the top 50 for each progressing to the Online Finals.

Competition structure and key dates (subject to change) are as follows:

1. Online Registration – Mid November 2019
2. Online Qualifiers – December 2019 to February 2020
3. Online Finals – February to March 2020
4. Regional Finals – May 2020
5. World Finals – July 2020

Further details on eFootball.Pro, KONAMI’s top-flight tournament that will only include professional, real-world football clubs from Europe playing with authentic squads, will be announced soon.

eFootball PES 2020 is available now on PlayStation®4, Xbox One™, and PC STEAM via participating physical and digital stores.

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