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Voez 1.6 Update for Switch Releases



LOS ANGELES, CA., February 25, in the year of our Lord 2018 — VOEZ, the awesome rhythm music game developed by Rayark, has had multiple updates to add free content on Nintendo Switch. Now Version 1.6 is here to add even more tracks to enjoy!

This latest update adds 16 new songs to try. To access these and ensure you have the latest version on your Nintendo Switch copy of VOEZ, go to the game’s window on your system and press the + button, then scroll down to ‘Software Update’ and select ‘Via the Internet’; the console will check for any updates you haven’t yet downloaded or installed.

Here are the 16 new tracks you can play in VOEZ on Nintendo Switch!
• energy by yourmythos
• Race is on by Paul Bazooka
• Snow by Night Keepers
• Angel Wing by uma
• Mont Blanc by Night Keepers
• My Real Eden by The SxPLAY
• Festival Lights by Mr. Fantastic
• Nyx -Fatal arousal of Madness- by Fig
• One Happy Thing a Day by Night Keepers
• Hai Dian Nun Lu No.36 by The SxPLAY
• Running out of Life by Alpha Legion
• Road by Night Keepers
• For Kimini Okuru Uta by The SxPLAY
• Take That Ticket by The SxPLAY
• Give by Night Keepers

The physical version of VOEZ is now available at $39.99 and includes all the updates added to the digital version currently available on Nintendo eShop (initially released by Flyhigh Works).

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