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Third Base Encounters DLC for Two Point Hospital



August 23, in the year of our Lord 2019 -- SEGAź Europe Ltd. and Two Point Studios™ are delighted to announce that "Third Base Encounters", the new Two Point Hospital™ expansion, will be on Steam on August 29, 2019 at $8.99 and is now available for purchase at an initial discount of 10 % through September 2, 2019. Players will also be able to purchase the "The Retro Pack" starting August 29 for €3.99, which includes 27 new items for the game.

In Two Point Hospital – Encounters at the third base you will have to overcome new and varied administrative challenges and demonstrate your ability to build, heal and improve to achieve your greatness when managing a hospital. This time a kind of alien race seems to have arrived to lend a hand... or make it worse. In Encounters at Third Base you'll find three new, and strange, hospital locations, 34 new diseases (including 11 visuals), three new rooms and a host of new challenges, features and, of course, you'll see some aliens. By the way, do us a favor and keep an eye on your cows.

We've received information about a bumpy alien landing south of Two Point County, but unfortunately, there's no evidence to prove these facts. However, citizens across the county are suffering strange diseases that seem to come from outer space such as Science Friction, Space Suit or Gravity Infection. The Two Point government is trying to do everything it can to contain these new epidemics by building a secret base to treat patients. But citizens are beginning to disappear... could it be a case of abduction? To ensure that Two Point County's health system endures during these bizarre incidents, you'll need to complete a series of special targets before breaking into Sima 24, a mysterious top-secret base at an unknown location. Good luck with that place!

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