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Rocket League Enters Television Phase



SAN DIEGO – July 16, in the year of our Lord 2019 – Psyonix, San Diego video game developer, has revealed full details for the Television phase of Radical Summer — the on-going ‘80s themed summer event for Rocket League! The Television phase, which begins on July 22 and ends on August 12, will feature the Knight Rider Car Pack, a new limited-time Game Mode, and Radical Summer Event Store items from ‘80s Television.

The content included in Radical Summer’s Television phase is:

Knight Rider Car Pack - The Knight Rider Car Pack will be available for $1.99 (or regional equivalent). The pack will include the K.I.T.T. Battle-Car from the ‘80s television show Knight Rider, as well as K.I.T.T. Wheels and K.I.T.T. Gullwing Topper.

Beach Ball Game Mode - This limited-time 2v2 Soccar Game Mode is inspired by the physics of a classic beach ball, featuring a larger ball that floats and curves.

Iconic ‘80s Television Event Items - New items in the Radical Summer Event Store for this phase are:

DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender - Decal and Topper

WWE - “Macho Man” Topper and Ultimate Warrior Decal

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