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Renzo Racer super update on Steam



April 11th, in the year of our Lord 2019 -- I’m thrilled to announce that the cartoon style karting game Renzo Racer is being superlatively updated on Steam today.


Renzo Racer is a fast-paced cartoonish racing game in which you can choose your driver from a selection of 16 animals. Race down 20 tracks full of twists and turns, hazardous obstacles and unexpected surprises!

Our most recent update improves the handling in many ways and it adds much better working powerups, obstacles on tracks, all new music and improved graphics.

In addition, today we are also publishing the VR version of Renzo Racer on HTC Viveport, and the game is also being released on the Windows Store (desktop only) for free with ads.

Renzo Racer is developed by the Mexican independent studio EnsenaSoft. The game is currently in Early Access and it will remain like that for at least half a year more.

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