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Nation Breakers Steam Arena Release Date



November 12, in the year of our Lord 2019 -- Greetings to all our viewers who are already excited about the event of the year on Planet Piston! We guarantee a day of child-friendly, ultra-explosive steampunk robotic family fun for those who cheer on the steam-bot champion of any nation! Fight to the rhythm of industrial beats through incredibly fast, family-breaking, controller-flinging exciting matches! Rejoice as you dismantle your opponents in a shower of robotic debris – or despair at your loss when your own bot explodes under the heavy fire of crazy weapons! Feel the vibration of the chest-pounding industrial music! In a nutshell... welcome to Nation Breakers: Steam Arena, the sport of choice of all steam-kind!

Coded Clay Interactive announces today that its debut game, the 2D-action-steampunk-destructathon Nation Breakers: Steam Arena, will be released on Steam Early Access on November 18th. Nation Breakers is an online multiplayer platform fighting game where you compete in frenetic battles (local multiplayer and single-player for now -- online play will be implemented later) controlling glass-cannon battle bots in increasingly dangerous and dynamic arenas. Pick your steam-bot! Destroy your enemies!

In Nation Breakers you fight in insanely fast, single-hit-kill battles where your skills and reflexes make the difference. The game features ever-flowing and changing arenas, full of hazards and bordered with portals that players can use for both defense and offense. Although focused on its multiplayer modes, Nation Breakers: Steam Arena will also include two single-player modes. The first is a single-player practice mode where you can hone your skills fighting quick battles against the AI. The game also features a single-player mode for those looking for a real challenge: Arena Run, a mad dash through the 12 levels of each theme, with each match throwing unique challenges at you, trying to get the highest score possible depending on your playstyle and difficulty -- and with a dynamic AI that adjusts its behavior based on your performance! Compare your score with other players on Steam and top the ranks!

With these 3 game modes (for now) and 48 arenas divided into 4 themes with 12 levels and a unique weapon each, Nation Breakers offers a huge variety from the very beginning. Every theme is inspired by one of the Planet Piston nations present in the game: Valvis arenas are full of light festival lanterns that drop beneath your feet, explosive lanterns and confetti cannons. Gearland arenas feature industrial metal works factories with swinging smelter bowls, switching molten molds and dimming lights. Beware the volatile and dangerous hazards, lab threatening, spitting acid vials, sticky sludge and slippery-yet-destructible glass chemical balls of Chemelot arenas. Don't forget to fight to the powerful beat of the industrial soundtrack of the game, a brilliant, chest-hammering score composed by independent musician George Lever (G1 Productions).

• Pick your favorite steam-bot and fight in insanely fast single-hit-kill battles where pure skill makes the difference!
• Practice solo or test your friendships in local coop!
• 4 themes, each consisting of 12 levels, up to a total of 48 dynamic fighting arenas!
• Race for pickups! Dynamite, Laser, Missiles, Shields and more!
• Ever-flowing and hectic arenas, bordered with portals for you to dart your way to safety… or to shoot unaware enemies in the back!

No word on a physical copy version of this game on th
ese systems in the US at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.

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