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Must Dash Amigos Ports to Switch



December 4, in the year of our Lord 2019 -- miniBeast Games are proud to announce that Must Dash Amigos is officially available to purchase on the Nintendo Switch™.

Must Dash Amigos has a simple premise; to win you must survive, and to survive you must dash! It very much pays homage to the classic gameplay of Micro Machines and has even been described as a spiritual successor to Micro Maniacs. With its own unique mix of humour and Mexican inspired theme, Must Dash Amigos offers something a little different in this year's kart-racer-revival.

It features two core game modes; Racing - where you must outlast your opponents amidst chaos and destruction - and Battles - which are time based brawls within enclosed arenas. A variety of weapons, booby traps and pitfalls all blend together to create moments of mayhem and lots of laughter! Four uniquely peculiar characters form the roster for the title, each setting the tone for the charming and colourful cartoony art style.

“From the beginning we knew we wanted to create a true pick up and play experience. Something that was easy to master whether you were a young child, seasoned gamer, parent or grandparent! Getting people to share and enjoy a gaming experience in the same space was the most important thing." - Ben Lowther, miniBeast Games

Hilarity generally ensues during multiplayer sessions - which is what the title was designed to encourage - and the variety of wacky weapons on offer certainly add spice to proceedings. We won't give everything away, but if you've ever wanted to turn a friend, a partner or your kids into avocados and obliterate them with a giant comical mallet - buy this game right now!

“Being an 80’s kid, Nintendo was always the “family console” in my household. We'd always be able to find games that we could enjoy together. To be able to say that the game I've made is now a part of that incredible Nintendo history feels truly amazing and is an absolute honour” - Anthony Brunton-Douglas, miniBeast Games

Must Dash Amigos is the self-published debut title for miniBeast Game Studios. The Indie Studio consists of just two people, Ant (the artist) and Ben (the coder), two friends that met whilst working in Quality Assurance at Jagex. What had originated as a tiny - and by their own admission terrible - prototype following a Game Jam in 2015 steadily developed into a fully featured, multi-platform game (it's also available on PC and Xbox One). Working in their spare time during evenings and weekends, the pair pursued their dream of completing and launching their very own game, a feat they are both extremely proud to have accomplished.

No word on a physical copy version of this game on this system in the US at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.

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