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Little Big Workshop Announced



Karlstad, Sweden / Giebelstadt, Germany, September 17th, in the year of our Lord 2019: Mirage Game Studios and HandyGames have manufactured a new game! Imagine a magical factory, appearing right in your living room. A carefully planned masterpiece, where dilligent workers hammer everything that customers want together. Rubber ducks and dressers, tables and closets, scooters and other awesome stuff can be created from many different materials and sold for hard cash – cash you invest right back into your factory to get more machines, more workers and grow your business. In Little Big Workshop you become a factory tycoon!

Start out with just a small workshop and expand to a desk-filling factory. Unlock ever fancier machines, add even more production methods, and most of all, more room. Soon enough you’ll be running multiple production lines, producing hundreds of advanced products each day, and watching with joy as your cute workers do the actual work.

About Little Big Workshop
You are the Big Boss and it’s time to take charge of your very own tabletop factory. It’s a sandbox-experience where you think, ponder and poke at things until you get it to work the way you’d like. Supply products to clients and an ever-changing market, as you produce over 50 unique product types, built from multiple parts and pieces - all of which can be created with different materials and production methods. No two factories should ever look the same.

Varying industries and a wide range of products
Focus on practical problems, not on values, economics, or logistics
Organize all steps of the production on a blueprint
Factories grow as you unlock more desk space
Fully simulated Day/Night-cycle
Take care of your workers! Work them too hard and they drop like flies
Cute model-town art-style

Little Big Workshop is developed by Mirage Game Studios for PC and MAC and will be published by HandyGames. It will be available October 2019 on various digital platforms for $ 19,99 / € 19,99 / 17,99.

No word on a physical copy version of this game on these systems in the US at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.

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