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Door Kickers Action Squad Gets Physical Release



Stuttgart, Germany - September 27, in the year of our Lord 2019 - Stuttgart based publisher, Strictly Limited Games, specializing in the release of strictly limited physical collector's editions of digital games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch, today announced that the pre-order for the crazy action side scroller, Door Kickers: Action Squad for PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch, will start on September 29.

With Door Kickers: Action Squad, the latest entry to the award-winning Door Kickers franchise, KillHouse Games, in cooperation with PixelShard Labs, deliver a grandiose old-school side scroller on current-gen video game consoles that combines bizarre SWAT action with a touch of strategy and tactics, presented in stunning 2D pixel art. In single-player, or co-op multiplayer mode, players in Nowhere City must kick in lots of doors, bust up the bad guys and rescue hostages. Alongside the console release of Door Kickers: Action Squad, KillHouse Games will be releasing a new playable character and an entirely new chapter.

The digital console versions will be available on PSN, Nintendo eShop and Xbox Live in October, and Strictly Limited would like to celebrate this with the release of their unique physical limited editions for PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch.


- High-resolution retro graphics
- 6 playable characters with different gameplay & level-up options
- Couch and Online Coop Multiplayer Mode
- 84 non-linear steps to kick doors
- Over 40 types of weapons and gear
- 20+ enemy types and 4 different mission objectives
- Unlock fantastic player and squad abilities

Door Kickers: Action Squad is limited to 1,500 copies (24,99€ - PlayStation®4) and 2500 copies (29,99€ - Nintendo Switch) and exclusively available via the webshop. The Collector's Editions are limited to just 700 copies (44.99€ - PlayStation®4) and 1500 copies (49.99€ - Nintendo Switch) worldwide and also include a hardcover box with magnetic closure, a hardcover art book, the soundtrack on CD, Door Kickers sticker and an Action Squad poster.

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