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Diner Bros Sushi Bros DLC Releases



June 18, in the year of our Lord 2019 -- Tired of flipping burgers and thinking that higher heights await you as a chief? You've heard Japanese food is all the rage now, so why not trying it for a change? It can't be that difficult -- it's just rice and fish after all, right? Well, now your diner is full of hungry sumo wrestlers, wannabe kabuki actors and even insufferable hime princesses. So much for Asian mindfulness!

JAYFL Games is happy to announce that Sushi Bros, the new DLC for Diner Bros is now available on Steam for €3,99 / $4.99. New recipes, new characters and new customers arrive to the restaurant. But that's not the only new features with this DLC that will also include new game mechanics such as fishing for your own ingredients or a new game mode to compite against your friends to be the best cook in town (included in the base game for free in the next update, to be released along with the DLC).

• Cook brand new Japanese recipes: rice, edamame, maki, sashimi, nigiri, grilled fish, yakitori, soy sauce… and of course, sushi!
• Serve new drinks: tea and sake
• Expand your restaurant with a fishing pier…
• …and catch your own fish!
• Attend to 4 new special customers, including Mr. Kabuki and Princess Hime
• New equipment and items for your kitchen
• Play against your friends with the new split-screen versus mode! (Included in the base game for free!)


In Diner Bros you will have to cook and serve orders fast while you deal with your regular patrons and special customers. You also manage your restaurant, upgrading it to get better equipment and new recipes to expand your offer in a single player campaign that will put your skills to a test. You can also hire staff to help you out... or ask your friends to work as your waiters in 2-4 couch co-op! Diner Bros is fully localized to English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, French, Spanish, and Czech.
• Cook and serve meals as fast as you can to keep your customers happy!
• Manage and upgrade your restaurant until you’ve earned the coveted 3-star award
• Get new equipment and learn recipes to offer new main courses and side dishes
• Attend different special customers such as the runners, construction workers, punks, and food critics
• Make your business grow in the single player or co-op campaign with 3 main levels
• Test your skills in 12 challenge levels
• Hang on as much as you can in endless levels such as Zombie Bros!
• Hire more staff if you’re playing the single-player campaign…
• …or ask your friends to help you out in the frantic and hilarious 2-4 couch co-op action!

No word on a physical copy version of th
is game on this system in the US at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.

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