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Celebrate Jesus' Resurrection!



April 21, in the year of our Lord 2019 -- We hope and pray that you had some great fellowship time with your family and church family today.

To celebrate Christ's Glorious Resurrection, we have a coupon code of HeIsRisen (case shouldn't matter - it is He Is Risen smacked together into one word) to use for half-off downloadable games at our http://Interactive-Bible.com store front. For our international customers, downloading the games is the only economical delivery method as shipping costs continue to sky rocket.

Some of you may have seen our Easter Poster that emphasizes a better way than chocolate to bless our youth! If you spot it in a store, please take a picture and share.

Happy Easter

We sincerely appreciate your business and support. Consider forwarding this to your family and friends.

Be sure to see the movie Unplanned! It is on our to watch list.

God bless you mightily!
Look to Jesus!
-Tim of GraceWorks Interactive, owner of Christian Games NOW

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