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Team Sonic Racing Team Rose Details



Burbank, California — June 24, in the year of our Lord 2018 — Unveiled during a special livestream event celebrating the Sonic the Hedgehog™’s 27th birthday, today SEGA® announced the all-star line-up for Team Rose, one of the dynamic teams heading to the speedway in Team Sonic Racing™. Jump in the driver’s seat this winter when it launches both physically and digitally for Sony PlayStation® 4, Microsoft Xbox® One and Nintendo Switch™, with a digital only release on PC.

Meet the spunky racers leading Team Rose:

Amy Rose [Speed] - the perky and always positive pink hedgehog that won’t let anything stand in her way
Chao [Technique] - a lovable creature that’s eager to provide aid to teammates
Big the Cat [Power] - a purple cat with a heart as big as his strong physique

Along with Team Rose, players will be able to choose between Team Sonic and Team Dark as well as other teams of beloved characters from across the Sonic universe.

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