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Rocket League DC Super Heroes DLC Pack



SAN DIEGO, CA – March 5, in the year of our Lord 2018 – The DC Super Heroes DLC Pack is now available in Rocket League for $3.99 USD (or regional equivalent). The pack includes two premium Battle-Cars and a bevy of cosmetic items inspired by the greatest Super Heroes that inhabit the DC universe.

The DLC is licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC Entertainment and includes:

2 Premium Batman Battle-Cars
The Dark Knight Rises Tumbler from Warner Bros. Pictures’ The Dark Knight Rises
The '89 Batmobile from Warner Bros. Pictures’ Batman

DC Super Hero Themed Items
Aquaman - Breakout Decal and Player Banner
Batman - Paladin Decal and Player Banner
Cyborg - Roadhog Decal and Player Banner
DC - Player Banner (previously released in Collector’s Edition)
Flash - Wheels, Venom Decal, Player Banner, and Speed Force Boost (Wheels and Player Banner previously released in Collector’s Edition)
Green Arrow - Hotshot Decal and Player Banner
Green Lantern - Merc Decal and Player Banner
Superman - Octane Decal and Player Banner
Wonder Woman - Wheels, X-Devil Decal, and Player Banner

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