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Dimension Drive Physical Release in July



JUNE 14, in the year of our Lord 2018 -- Dimension Drive physical release is on sale today! Eastasiasoft & Play-Asia.com are kickstarting the PLAY Exclusive Collection for Nintendo Switch: Dimension Drive from 2Awesome Studio. Dimension Drive is currently in production and estimated to ship in July.

Only 3,000 copies will be available for the Limited Edition. The Standard Edition will be open pre-order from JUNE 14 until JUNE 30. After June 30 the Standard Edition will no longer be available to purchase. All editions of Dimension Drive are eligible for international free shipping. No rating is printed on the box. All versions are available only from Play-Asia.com.

Dimension Drive takes the shoot’em up genre to the next level & challenges you to fight across two battlefields on one split screen. Instantly switch between them to dodge waves of bullets, reach secret areas, or surprise your enemies. Dimension Drive seamlessly combines shooting & puzzle mechanics in a fun comic book adventure taking place in a multi-dimensional universe! Take on a multi-dimensional alien race in your legendary space ship capable of teleporting across space!

The Switch release includes many improvements to the game including online leaderboards, a new ranking system, improved collision warning, better contrast & improved graphics, alongside performance upgrades.

Space shoot'em up within two battlefields on one split screen
Play solo or in local co-op
13 levels of story campaign & 13 more in New Game+ mode
Online leaderboards & four difficulty modes offer the ultimate challenge
Advanced gameplay strategies including Drift & Reverse Drive test your skill
Find secret data cubes to unlock & power-up a variety of new weapons

Created by two ex-space engineer developers!

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