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VRog Now Available on PS4 VR



August 1, in the year of our Lord 2017 -- Since last November, players have been jumping through a fascinating Virtual Reality game world on Nintendo Wii U, Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR. The aim is to catch as many flies as possible. VRog, the world’s first ‘first person fly catching’ game, wows nature-loving action fans with its lovely and detailed design as well as exciting game modes - now also on PlayStation VR.

VRog Nominated for German Developers Award

The game developed by ByteRockers’ Games was nominated for the German Developers Award 2016 in the category “Best VR/AR Experience”. The German Developers Award is considered the most important award for outstanding performances in the development of video games in German-speaking countries.

VRog Excites Players with Intuitive Control Concept and Diverse Game Modes

ByteRockers’ VRog wows with unusual game control. The game foregoes all gamepads and is controlled only via the player’s viewing direction. In the two different game modes, players can either compete against a hungry stork or against time and compare their high scores with those of their friends to find out who’s the best fly catcher.
VRog: Green Fly Catcher on a Prowl

In ByteRockers’ VRog, the player controls the frog, who, in the midst of his favorite pond, catches as many flies as he can. While doing that, he jumps from one water lily to the next and, while looking for his prey, explores his surroundings. But careful: Not all insects are proper food! The player better avoid direct confrontation with buzzing wasps. All actions are controlled by the player by just his viewing direction. The only thing that calls for a keystroke is starting the game. The player already jumps into the role of the green frog in the menu.

It’s All About the Right Food

The caught insects affect the visual effects in the game positively or negatively. For instance, the right food can make time around the frog slow down. This way, the players can earn more points. Or they suddenly get the ultimate perspective: Tracking the prey in the wilderness around the pond shortly becomes a piece of cake. Surprise effect guaranteed: If the players swallow the wrong insect, they have to prove their good aim from unfamiliar perspectives.

High Score Chases and Fights for Survival - Different Game Modes Challenge the Player

In VRog, players prove their fly catching skills in two different game modes. The goal is always to eat as many insects as possible. After all, our frog wants to be fully sated. In the Arcade Mode, the player has 90 seconds to collect the most points and beat the high score. In the second game mode, players have to beware of the big stork. In the Survival Mode, he’s the one disturbing the carefree pond life and making fly catching increasingly difficult. Once the frog attracts the stork’s attention, he should take flight. Fortunately, there is also the helpful turtle who carries our green friend to safety on its back. This way, the player can catch as many insects as possible when unobserved.

VRog, developed and published by ByteRockers‘ Games, is now available for PlayStation VR. The fly catcher game is also available for Oculus Rift, Nintendo Wii U and Samsung GearVR. VRog is also scheduled to be released in the US and Japan at the end of August.

No word on a physical copy of this game at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.


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