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TrickStyle now on Steam



TORONTO, ON – February 21st, in the year of our Lord 2017 -– Throwback Entertainment released TrickStyle™, the classic Dreamcast title today on the Steam Store.

In keeping with the tradition of solid ports to Steam of titles from their extensive library, Throwback has added a few extras for fans of Trickstyle™, including:

The full original Trickstyle™ soundtrack for download in both MP3 and OGG format – absolutely free!
Steam Trading Card integrations – a rare find for retro titles
Full controller support

Trickstyle™ has an MSRP of $6.99, but to celebrate its comeback, Throwback will be sharing it with fans for a 15% off sale for the initial launch period. Come to Steam today and get it while the getting is good!

TrickStyle™ includes:

400 tricks to master with special moves for all nine characters!
Futuristic cityscapes for: Manhattan, London and Tokyo.
Sessions at The Velodrome teach you the mad skills.


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