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Midnight City’s PAX East Debut



April 8, in the year of our Lord 2014 -- Midnight City is on tour and headed to Boston for PAX East 2014. Here’s a breakdown of the booths, the games and all the goodness we’re bringing to the show. Stop by for a drink and a high five, play our games, and meet the dedicated teams behind them. All the details below!

High Strangeness – Barnyard Intelligence – Midnight City Booth #996

​High Strangeness is a hybrid of 8 and 16 bit games - a 12 bit Adventure – pulling inspiration from classic Action-Adventure games of yesteryear – focusing on item-based progression for abilities. The gameplay and aesthetics are driven by surreal transitions between 8 and 16 bit worlds, where the player uses their generational differences to solve puzzles and explore the universe.

Organic Panic – Last Limb, LLC – Last Limb Booth #398

Organic Panic pitches a quirky band of fruit and veg against a legion of heavily armed meat and cheese cronies. Features fully destructible environments, players must master the physics and abilities of each hero to burn, burrow, flood or crush their way to a solution and victory! In-game level editor enables players create and share their own content.

Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche – Beast Games – Midnight City Booth #996

One of the PAX 10 from PAX Prime 2013

Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche is a sequel to the hit flash game Avalanche, a frantic and addictive 2D climbing platformer for PC. This upgraded version brings new cooperative gameplay for two players and over 100,000 combinations of powerups and personalizations to collect and experiment with. Mix and match abilities for some crazy combos that will send you rocketing to the heavens, or plummeting to your doom.

Krautscape – Mario von Rickenbach – Midnight City Booth #996

Just launched on Steam Early Access!

Featuring hybrid bird-like flying cars and color-soaked racetracks in the sky, Krautscape shows off developer Mario Rickenbach’s keenly unique perspective towards tactical racing - by giving his cars wings. Players can jump off the track and glide through open air to avoid obstacles and collect special items. Driver-pilots then return to the dynamically generated track to gain speed and score points to win, creating a tension and balance all its own.

VIDEOBALL – Action Button Entertainment – Midnight City Booth #996

VIDEOBALL is a minimalist electronic sport. It is casual in that it uses only one stick and one button and you can play it while hanging out with your friends who do not normally play games. It is hardcore in that if you are good at it you and your opponents will scream and you will scream too, because your opponents are screaming.

“HEY! What else are those crazy Midnight City kids up to at PAX East?” We’re glad you asked:

PAX East Show Floor / Booth Collector’s Challenge

The team is hosting two locations on the show floor this year, the Midnight City Showcase at booth #996 and development partners Last Limb sporting their own booth #398. Encouraging fans to visit both locations, Midnight City is offering PAX East collector’s cards for fans who stop by to play each game and chat with the developers. Collect all five (5) cards and present them at the Midnight City booth to get a free limited run t-shirt!


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