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Harmonix Wants You to Pay for Amplitude Return



Cambridge, MA – April 28, in the year of our Lord 2014 – Today, Harmonix Music Systems launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund one if its most requested games, a reboot of the 2003 controller-based rhythm action game, Amplitude™!

Planned for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Harmonix aims to update this cult classic title for modern game consoles with higher-fidelity visuals, new music, and more!

“Bringing Amplitude to modern consoles is something we’ve been dying to do for ages,” says co-founder and CEO Alex Rigopulos, “and our earliest fans have been pleading for this for a decade. We’re hopeful that Kickstarter and the support of the community will allow us to finally make this dream a reality.”

“We think this type of synesthetic, audio-visual experience is perfect for modern consoles, widescreen high-definition televisions, and killer surround sound systems,” adds Ryan Lesser, Project Lead for the upcoming title and Art Director for the original 2003 Amplitude. “We’re positive that gorgeous, updated visuals running at 60 frames per second, an updated soundtrack, and other new features are going to be blow people’s minds.”

About Harmonix Music Systems, Inc
Harmonix Music Systems, Inc., based in Cambridge, MA, and established in 1995, is the leading developer of groundbreaking music-oriented videogames. Harmonix was founded to invent new ways for non-musicians to experience the unique joy that comes from making music and has pioneered music and rhythm gaming in the US. For more information keep it here on Family Friendly Gaming.

©2014 Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Harmonix and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Harmonix Music Systems, Inc All other marks are the property of their owners.

“PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The Amplitude logo is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.


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