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Child of Light Unveils Unique Artistic Partnerships



SAN FRANCISCO, USA April 9, in the year of our Lord 2014 - Today, Ubisoft announced partnerships with Cirque du Soleil Media™ and the singer and pianist Coeur de Pirate, to further develop Child of Light™ into a well-rounded work of art.

Child of Light is a re-imagining of classic fairytales set against a picturesque background inspired by the watercolor artworks of The Golden Age of Illustration. To help tell the story of Aurora and Lemuria, the Child of Light team enlisted the help of talented Canadian artists Coeur de Pirate to produce the games original soundtrack, and le Cirque du Soleil Media, to enhance the sense of theatricality in the game.

To fit the mystical atmosphere of Lemuria, Coeur de Pirate composed an intimate and nostalgic soundtrack that becomes magical with each of Auroras adventures. With the support of The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, the Montreal-based artist was able to recreate the epic and operatic ambiance of in-game fight sequences.

Music is one of the most important ways to communicate emotion to players, said Patrick Plourde, Creative Director, Ubisoft. The music of Coeur de Pirate is fresh, romantic and optimistic, a perfect match for what we wanted to express with Child of Light. I am extremely honored that she wanted to join us on this adventure.

By collaborating with Cirque du Soleil Media, the Ubisoft Montreal team benefited from a world-class experience in theatrical realization and costume design, adding an authentic stage direction point of view to the games creation. It was the perfect match to expand Child of Lights extravagant and exotic universe and design.

Videogames invites players to be immersed in virtual worlds and no one is better to create immersive and magical experiences than the artists of the Cirque du Soleil, said Patrick Plourde. So to be able to collaborate with them to achieve Child of Lights ambition to create a playable poem was a dream come true.

Child of Light is being created by a small team of developers in Montreal using Ubisofts UbiArt Framework, a powerful engine that lets programmers and artists to bring their art to life by allowing original concept art to be inserted directly into the game world. In Child of Light, the effect is that playing becomes akin to stepping into an interactive painting.

Child of Light will be available to download on April 30, 2014 on Xbox LIVE for the Xbox® 360 and Xbox® One, the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation® 3 and PlayStation® 4, the eShop from Nintendo for the Wii U, and PC Digital, at the price of $14.99. Fans in North America who pre-order the PS4 or PS3 versions will receive the Golem Pack, which contains the Golem quest and unlocks a powerful ally to fight alongside Aurora, as well as the unique Erins stone and a pack of Rough Oculi. The Light Aurora Pack is available as an exclusive bonus for fans who pre-order the PC version. The Light Aurora Pack contains a new skill for Aurora, the ability to heal, and also includes a new dress for Aurora and a pack of Rough Oculi.


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