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Joyous Christmas To You And Your Family From GraceWorks Interactive


We sincerely hope you have a great Christmas as we celebrate Jesus' birth! Be sure to spend as much time with the family as possible!

We realize some folks may have not finished their shopping just yet. Ideally, for anything shipped within the US, it will probably take a week (even with priority mail as the infrastructure is taxed heavily). So order as soon as possible! We do have some download options on our site that will enable quick deliver through Christmas (order by the 23rd to be safe). Our current special is a free game with each order! And our usual special of free shipping (within the US) is still active.

The finishing touches on Interactive Bible: 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy are still in progress! We are very close and hope to open them up for pre-order soon.

Both episodes of Adam's Venture are still in stock. Get them now while we still have introductory pricing for them. These are fun "old school" style adventure games (although you control Adam's movements) that seek after Biblical treasures and locations, set in the 1920s.

A great gift to give is Scripture Solitaire! This is a popular title among all ages. We have several senior saints that play it everyday as part of their quite time. Also, younger students that need to memorize specific Scriptures find the Scripture Editor to be most helpful! This title is for Windows but a Mac version exists, contact us if you want that..
Scripture Solitaire by Inspired Idea, published by GraceWorks Interactive

Interactive Parables is a fun and educational game that features EVERY parable that Jesus taught that can be played in one of 20 worlds (maps). Consider this Windows title as a gift and for your family (or you church's ministry to youth).

- GraceWorks Interactive


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