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Update News

Anooki Jump gets a super powered update


San Francisco, USA and Paris, France - October 12, in the year of our Lord 2011 -Inook and Bulkypix are happy to announce a power boost update for Anooki Jump. Anooki Jump is an adorable and fun physics puzzler for iPhone and iPad that will keep you tilting your device for hours of jumping Eskimo fun.

Two Eskimos: Anook and Nooki who love to discover their world. To do so they have to jump from ice block to ice block as you tilt your device to help them achieve the highest peek yet. Each jump tires them a bit: you have to be as fast as possible and catch the bonus on the way up to obtain the best score.

To get an even higher score, collect the letters scattered throughout the game and spell the name of the Eskimos; unlock the power ups and push Anook and Nooki even higher into the sky with super jumps.

Video Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-n0VZzswWs

Discover ANOOK & NOOKI at the App Store for only $0.99.

iPhone & iPad Version:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/anooki-jump/id445800295?mt=8


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