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Oops Prank Party Interview


1. What kind of pranks are there besides the costume?

- Aside from the costumes, players can look forward to the Board Game mode where any number of pranks might be pulled depending on various tiles that the players land on. In this mode, players compete for the most gold coins, while playing any one of the 100 minigames. You might be doing great when suddenly your friend pulls a fish out of the water and throws it at you, causing you to lose a handful of coins! Not to mention the countless ‘random’ pranks that takes place in between mini-games. A well-placed banana peel is always hilarious!

2. Can a winning player ever take off their costume and give it to another player?

- A player can’t trade their costume with another player. The best bet is for the winner of a mini-game to choose their player to place in the losing costume for that particular event.

3. How many mini games will be in the final retail version?

- 100 mini games will be in the final version. The best part is that they’re all open from the start! No need to unlock anything, just put the disc in and go.

4. Will Oops! Prank Party stay Wii exclusive, or will we see it on other systems?

- For now, Oops! Prank Party is remaining a Wii exclusive. If people are interested in seeing it on other systems, they can always go to www.hudsonent.com and let us know their thoughts on what system they’d love to see Oops! Prank Party on!

5. Where did the idea for Oops! Prank Party come from?

- Hudson has always been known for creating some of gaming’s best party games. From Bomberman, to DECA SPORTS, we’re always looking for a new way to get people together. Oops! Prank Party focuses on the competitive spirit that’s in us all and mixes in good hearted pranks in the form of embarrassing costumes. The fact that the costumes carry over through all the mini games that follow is something very few games do, but adds a totally unique spin to the competition.

6. Which are ya'lls favorite costumes?

- At Hudson HQ, we tend to love the animal related costumes. Costumes like the frog suit or the chicken suit are always awesome! Some of the costumes however, are just plain cool. One costume in particular puts you in ‘rocket man’ costume that makes your character look just plain cool! Usually though, it doesn’t take too long before one of your friends to put a different costume on you.

7. Which costumes do you hate?

- I wouldn’t say I dislike any of the costumes in particular, but it can get pretty bad when players start mixing and matching various outfits. Let’s just say the frog outfit mixed with the mayan outfit is a look that not a lot of players will be jumping to get! But naturally, it sure is fun seeing them in it.

8. How long does it take to complete a game on the board game level?

- Depending on the board you select it could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Players can select different board options to create the type of game they want to play; from the board layout, to the number of turns. Different boards have different places to go, so players should try them all and find out which ones suit them best!

9. What kind of surprises does Oops! Prank Party have in store for our readers?

- With Oops! Prank Party, you never know what you’re going to get. One of the most fun surprises is meeting hidden game goals such as “Win 50 times with your character” and you’ll unlock a special accessory. There’s a ton of hidden gems like that waiting around every corner in Oops! Prank Party!


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