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ESRB Interview


November 8, in the year of our Lord 2013 -- For three years Family Friendly Gaming has sent over some hard hitting professional journalism questions to the ESRB. They continue to duck, dodge, and avoid these questions. It is time you the gamer realize the questions they are avoiding. This puts the questions in the public forum. The public can see what the ESRB runs and hides from.

Q. The ESRB has had some very public embarrassments like Hot Coffee. What is being done to avoid those going forward? When will responsibility be taken for these mistakes?

Q. The ESRB routinely sends out press releases patting themselves on the back. What is done to stay humble?

Q. The MPAA uses the word Restricted to describe 17+ games. Restricted has a negative connotation. The ESRB chose to use Mature, which does not have a negative connotation. Why not pick a word like Macabre or Morbid which more accurately describes the content and has a negative connotation? Parents tell us all the time their kids are mature, and they feel the word tricked them.

Q. Does the ESRB currently play the games they review? Or is it read a company provided blurb and watch a video?

Q. The Family Friendly Gaming Nation is filled with parents who feel the ESRB has betrayed them, and failed them in terms of missing bad content. What is being done to let less through the net?

Q. Why is there no official enforcement/punishment of the ESRB rating system? And why has the video game industry sued to stop states from enforcing the ESRB's rating system?

Q. When will the ESRB denote the religious content inside video games?

Q. Will the ESRB rating system ever be used by Apple on their devices?

Q. Are there any plans to denote the lessons that are being taught in the games ya'll review?

Q. Any plans to have larger warning labels for 'M' rated games?

Q. How is the ESRB funded? Is it still by the companies that send products in for reviews?


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