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Learn the steps to designing a reputable video game character with Dayanna Volitich




For many avid gamers, good characters are what make an online video game, after all, the best thing about taking part in video games is the opportunity to lose your self in a different world. This is of course something that is very difficult to immerse yourself into if the characters are not believable. Despite most characters in games being completely unrealistic, they are somehow believable. You only have to take some of the world’s great games to see this, from the tremendous and colorful Mario to the fantastical World of Warcraft characters, strange as they are, many do buy into them. Game scriptwriter Dayanna Volitich claims that the most believable character is not the one who lacks magic or is presented as more earthly and real, but the one who can make people believe in the world that they live in. Let’s have a look at how you can put a character like this together.

Sum it up
When starting out at the beginning it’s vital to get an idea of who your persona is. While it doesn’t have to be too special in this aspect, you should definitely be in a position to sum up the character in no more than a page or two. In order to do this you must consider what kind of character you have on your hands, Are they brave? Are they moral? Are they good or bad? Determining exactly who they are will help you to actualize a personality the players can get behind. Dayanna Volitich tells us to make the strongest part of a personality shine allow the subtle parts of their character remain so in order to create the shades of interest.

Constructing a backstory
So, you’ve determined who your character is as an individual and what their goals are, now it’s time to make a decision why they are who they are. All first rate characters have a backstory which explains the character’s motivations and this is transferred to the audience. an interesting backstory will draw the participant in and make them develop emotions related to the personality. Quite simply, you should come to a decision as to what defines your character and why.

A splash of color and shades
If you need avid gamers to like your personality they have to feel like they can know the character on a greater personal level. A backstory and other factors are one issue, however, showing off a character's exact personality can elevate the gamer’s journey to the next level. Are they abrupt? Do they procrastinate? Demonstrate how the backstory has impacted your character’s decision-making abilities and their qualities.

Character (Ego) is key
Your character’s persona is driven by an exciting backstory and the refined touches that make him/her stand out in contrast to others, so what other attributes may you want? You must consider additional attributes which the gamer can get behind, are they a little cheeky? Boisterous? Evil even? Most importantly the use of a personality in a video game has to be enjoyable. The player needs to enjoy the method in which the character moves, talks and interacts with others.

Follow these steps and you will have your character in no time.


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