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Renzo Racer Leaves Early Access on Steam Today



Mazatlan, Mexico –August 29, in the year of our Lorde 2019– For lovers of cartoonish kart racing games, award-winning independent studio EnsenaSoft releases the Full Version of Renzo Racer on Steam today.

Renzo Racer is a go-kart racing game which propels players into a world of magic and color. Select your driver from a roaster of 16 animals and race for the cup on 20 tracks as you get the edge on the competition with whacky power-ups.

“Renzo Racer will challenge your maneuverability and driving skills” says Samuel DenHartog, CEO at EnsenaSoft. “Plow through destructible objects, jump off ramps and watch out for scattered rocks, fallen trees, black ice and oil slicks”.

The Full Version of Renzo Racer includes new power-ups, a new Tournament mode and local multiplayer. The game is also available on the Windows Store (desktop only), and it supports VR on HTC Viveport and Steam.

• Fast And Furious Racing Action
• 16 Comical Drivers With Special Skills
• 20 Challenging Race Tracks
• Race Karts Or Boats
• Destructible Objects
• Obstacles & Surprises
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