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Must Dash Amigos Release Date



Cambridge, UK - July 2nd, in the year of our Lord 2019: New UK Indie Studio miniBeast Games have announced their debut title - Must Dash Amigos - will launch on Xbox One on July 16th 2019, available from the Microsoft Store. The two-man team consists of one former Jagex Employee, Ben Lowther, and Anthony Brunton-Douglas who is still working full-time for the large Cambridge based Studio. The pair, who met in 2011 whilst working on RuneScape, both began as Quality Analysts with Ant progressing into a 3D Artist role and Ben going on to become an Associate Producer. Must Dash Amigos - a vibrant, humorous battle racing game filled with Piñata Stampedes, Avocados and a drop of Tequila - all started following a Jagex Game Jam back in 2015. With the blessing of Jagex the pair continued to develop the title in their spare time, with Ben taking the plunge to become a full-time Indie Dev in January this year. They are now close to releasing their first ever game, with a PC version to follow soon after and a Nintendo Switch launch later in the year.

The game features several modes with varying mechanics, but the heart and soul of the game is Multiplayer Race Mode where players must outlast their opponents amidst explosions, piñata stampedes, and all-round chaos! Being a battle-racer, weapons are of course on offer and there is a good mix to aid your pursuit of victory. Some have a subtle effect on proceedings, such as your typical speed boosts, whilst others can turn the tides much more dramatically, like the InvinciBull mount or the Gwack-a-Mole Mallet! There is even a Tequila perk that causes the screen to temporarily twist and distort causing disorientation for all. Those that can't keep up or perish in some way are eliminated from the current round, with the last amigo standing claiming a round-victory, enough of which results in them being crowned as the overall champion.

”We just wanted a pick-up-and-play multiplayer game we could have a quick go on during our lunch breaks. But there was a distinct lack of games that allowed us to do that on current gen consoles, so we decided to make our own!” - Ben Lowther, miniBeast Games

Other game modes include Battle Mode where you face-off against each other in an enclosed arena using the weapons at your disposal. There are 8 arenas in total, with some interesting environmental obstacles; one particular level randomly spawns large Kraken-like Tentacles that will drag you underwater! For players craving longer gameplay sessions, Tourney mode offers just that, with a total of 18 different Cups up for grabs. Tourneys consist of a series of just Races or both Races & Battles and a Tourney leader board system to determine the ultimate champion. For those looking to play solo, Time Trials give you the opportunity to learn tracks and test your speed, whilst Challenge Mode features three different challenge types across all tracks, that will have you controlling two characters at once, outrunning a rampaging lethal Piñata Stampede, or trying to catch an elusive Mystical Piñata.

There are no micro transactions in the game, instead players earn an in-game currency (called Moustachios) solely through gameplay. Moustachios can then be used to unlock different outfits for each of the 4 unique characters, although there is one particularly shiny gold outfit that can only be obtained from a secret achievement.

No word on a physical copy version of this game on these systems in the US at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.

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