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Langrisser Returns in 2020



Munich, July 3, in the year of our Lord 2019 – NIS America is pleased to announce the release of Langrisser I & II PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™. The game will be released in 2020.

About the game:
Longrisser I: The powers of darkness seek the kingdom of Baldea. The Player
takes on the role of Prince Ledin and discovers the evil that is in the heart of the Empire by Dalsis.

Longrisser II: The powers of darkness are once again on the threshold of the kingdom. It is up to the hero Elwin to pass the trials of war and find out which way will bring peace to this conflict.
Langrisser I & II: The classic story of Good vs. Evil returns with beautiful, high-resolution graphics, reworked music, and gameplay improvements.

Key features:

A beautiful new edition: – The player experiences two classics in beautiful graphics and reworked music

Gameplay - Improved gameplay provides a modern SRPG experience

Longrisser and Alhazard – Two Legendary Swords, Two Legendary Stories - Resurrected to Life.

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