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Gaming PCs and Why They're So Popular



Serious PC gamers need a customisable gaming rig to meet the graphics and performance demands of several video game titles. AAA games like Crysis 3, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Devil May Cry 5 require demanding PC specs to play these games on their best settings. You may still play specific PC titles with low specs, but they won't look as impressive when you have the recommended hardware and software components.

Here are a few reasons why customisable gaming PCs are gaining popularity as of late.

The Lure of 60 FPS

Most games run at a standard 30 frames per second (FPS), and several gamers are okay with that performance. Visuals are decent, and you may still play the game without experiencing lags, stutters, or even crashes.

Build your own gaming PC and install powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), additional Random Access Memories (RAMs), and potent Central Processing Units (CPUs) to help boost the gaming performance of numerous titles. Specific games may gain improved performance that you'll enjoy 60 FPS instead of 30 FPS.

If you want to test what 60 FPS graphics looks like, head to YouTube and watch a few gaming videos. Specific YouTube users chose to upload their videos with 720p at 60 FPS or 1080p at 60 FPS. Try to switch between a 60 FPS setting and 30 FPS setting; you'll see that the former has a smoother graphics performance than the latter.

Future-Proof Your Gaming Rig

A customisable gaming PC gives you room for upgrades and repairs. The PC gaming market is always looking to improve to help PC gamers enhance their gaming experience to the next level. Specific GPUs now have better onboard RAMs than before while CPU manufacturers continuously improve their products for their processors to cater to more computing tasks.

All these components require PC gamers a customisable tower. Ask your gaming PC provider if your computer tower can cater to additional components. For example, powerful graphics cards may have larger dimensions than low- to medium-end units. Industry standard PC towers might be too small to cater to these high-end GPUs.

Owning a customisable gaming computer means you prepare the system for future upgrades to particular components. Several laptop PCs are non-upgradable models, so you're stuck with the parts that the manufacturer gave you. If a new GPU, CPU, or RAM enters the market, you may need to buy a new laptop for that one component. Future-proofing your video gaming rig may help you save cash for the long term.

It's Not Just for Gaming

Many PC users aren't just looking for gaming PCs to play games like Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition or Battlefield V. You might use the computer to watch movies, scroll through social media, and do homework. With a customisable computer, you can install more RAM to help minimize system crashes and lags.

Also, equipping your PC with a better GPU means your computer can handle graphics editing apps like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom with only a few instances of the software slowing down.

For example, the Adobe Creative Cloud requires a minimum set of system requirements. All apps within the brand's creative suite need the following hardware and software components for the software to run correctly:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Phenom II or equivalent
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP or later
RAM: 4GB or higher
Hard disk space: at least 10.5GB

If your PC doesn't have enough RAM to run the programs in Adobe's creative suite, you can install more RAM to your customisable gaming rig. You can also install other hardware to help increase the performance of several apps other than numerous video game titles.

Fits Several Budgets

You don't need to start with a high-end gaming rig to enjoy playing games. Still, you'll have to set your expectations low when playing specific titles. For instance, if you're building a gaming computer, but your spending allowance won't stretch enough for a 1TB hard drive, then you can opt for a 500GB component for now. You can upgrade to a 1TB model and maybe even keep the 500GB unit installed for a total of 1.5TB storage space.

Customisable PCs aren't for playing games alone. You can use the system for other tasks which would otherwise be too demanding for an industry standard work computer. Consider the essential pieces of hardware when building a gaming rig. You can allocate your budget better by considering the most critical component to install first. For example, if you want better graphics performance in games and faster graphics rendering times in graphics editing software, then opt to buy a new GPU first before the other parts.


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