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Employees Getting Their Hair Follicles Tested For Marijuana



You will find hundreds of products that promise to cleanse the traces of any drug from your hair completely. Some of these complete detoxification solutions are false claims made by people who just want to make a quick buck. Their schemes have landed many into trouble. This is why you have to be careful about what you buy, especially from online stores. The right detox solution for you is just a few reading minutes of your time away.

If your employers require that you take a drug test, how do you avoid getting an embarrassing test result? What about those that are asked to undergo a drug test in order to secure a job? Nobody wants to lose his/her job or opportunity. You have to fight to save this aspect of your life and avoid regrets.

You are in the right place. The kind of products that you need will be discussed too. All you need to know about playing safe and testing “negative” is contained in this article. Read more about that here.

As a regular smoker of marijuana/cannabis, it is only right that you are scared of what the possible outcome of a laboratory test will be. You do not need to get frantic because there are tested ways of beating any lab examination at any time. All you have to do is know them, and follow the instructions without missing a step. Regular or chronic smoker; you have no reason to fear.

A Hair Follicle Test
This type of test has become popular in recent times because of its level of reliability. Employers and lab professionals have realized that is easier to beat other types of tests that make use of urine, blood, and sweat samples. Apart from that, so many potent methods are available to cheat the tests. They know that there is lower chance for one to pass a hair follicle drug test.

What the tests are after is to detect the traces of THC in the follicles. THC is what gives drug users the “high” feeling they experience. Traces of it can remain in the body fluids and hair for a long time. However, this is dependent on factors such as the biology of the smoker, BMI (Body Mass Index), and so on. If you have an appointment, you would need to take these factors into consideration.

Normally, THC metabolites are stored in the fat cells, and can be transported to the hair strands as they grow. The traces of the substance in your body fluids can be gotten rid of by body cleansers, or detox kits which can be ingested; for example, pills, tablets, and drinks. You should research more on the duration it will take for toxins to stay in the body fluids, hair, and so on.

Read more about that here: https://www.verywellmind.com/how-long-does-marijuana-stay-in-the-system-67791

Hair follicle drug tests share similarities with other types, but they are different due to the fact that hair samples are utilized. What makes this procedure more preferable to others is that it can detect long-term substance consumption (about 3 months). How so? THC metabolites are stored by the follicles for a long time.

Sometimes, employers will schedule the test one or 2 weeks before D-day. Do not bank on this timeframe though. The tests could be done impromptu, although such plans are dependent on the law in some jurisdictions. If you have been given a 14-day notice, you should know that the timeframe is more than enough time to prepare and undergo full detoxing.

Physicians handle the sampling procedure which involves the cutting of hair strands to be used as samples for testing in a lab. The head is most preferable part of your body from which the samples would be obtained. Bald people would be required to provide strands from other parts of their bodies like the chest, limbs, and so on. The strands have to be at least 1.5 inches each.

The Effective Solution
In order to pass a hair drug test for your job, you need to try the most effective method available. In case you are still having doubts about whether or not there is really an effective method to achieve this goal, there is need to stress the point AGAIN that it is possible that your hair can be toxin-free. There are techniques whose efficacy have been proven.

Do not go for the very tempting idea of shaving or waxing in order to remove all the hair from your body. This can seem suspicious to your employer or the physician. They may become keen on making you undergo other types of tests.

The best way to cleanse your hair from every trace of THC is by using a detox shampoo that is reputed for having total potency. This technique has become popular because of how it has saved many from embarrassing situations. The effect of such solutions are fast and reliable, provided you purchase the right product.

In order to be sure that you are buying the right shampoo, you should check the customer reviews of the product online. Information about the product has to be clearly stated on the package with relevant details such as ingredients, possible allergic reactions/side effects, and so on.

There are components you should look out for such as propylene glycol. This is an agent that boosts the effectiveness of the detoxing process. You should avoid harsh agents like ammonia! It is going to have adverse effects on your hair.

The shampoo you buy should not be harsh on your scalp, and must not be dangerous to your hair. It should have the quality of gentleness with no unbearable side effects. What would be the point of getting into a problem, while trying to get out of another? It is not advisable to take such risks. The solution should be nourishing to your hair, and provide some moisture too.

Be cautious about buying fake shampoos. Buy from trusted stores. It is best to start detoxing (at least once a day) every day for 5 days before the scheduled date. Now, you are on your way to an anxiety-free test.


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