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Best Places for Sports Fans to Visit




If you’re a sports fan, you may be on the lookout for places to visit in your spare time. Lots of major cities across the USA have dedicated baseball and football teams as well as many other sports that you could visit while on a city break or even a special expedition for a sports-filled weekend.

If you’re looking to travel around the USA to find some of the best sporting cities, we have put together a list of the most popular that would make for a great weekend break. Take a read below to find out how you can spend your time in some of these iconic cities:

        Boston, Massachusetts

If you like many types of sport, Massachusetts would be one of the best cities in the USA, as basketball, baseball and hockey are just a few of the sports on offer. If you pay a visit to Fenway Park, you’ll learn all about baseball history, and you could even sign up for a tour to learn about the culture of baseball in the area.

        Chicago Illinois

Chicago is one of the best cities for sports fans – especially football. The local team is the Bears, who keep locals and travelers on the edge of their seats for the entire game. The Bears have won nine NFL championships and have more wins than any other NFL franchise, so they’re certainly worth a watch. If you’re a keen football fan, then take a browse on TicketSales.com to purchase tickets for the Chicago Bears.

        Augusta, Georgia

If you’re a golf enthusiast, Augusta is a city you won’t want to miss. Here, the Masters Golf Tournament takes place during the first few weeks of April, drawing in fans from all across the world. The Augusta National Course opened in 1933, and all the famous golf players went on to play here. Just be aware that it can be an expensive trip, so start saving up far in advance. While in Augusta, you may also like to play a spot of golf yourself – there are plenty of nearby golf courses to visit.

        San Antonio

If you’re keen on supporting the lower league or amateur sports in rugby and baseball, San Antonia is a great city to go to. The AT&A center is where you’ll find the Spur home stadiums, Stars (WNBA) and the American Hockey league known as ‘Rampage.’

        San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in the whole of the USA, however, it’s also a very popular city for sports fans. It’s home to the iconic Giants for baseball and the 49ers for football, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied if you wish to see different sports. A few lower league teams in the local area include the baseball teams, Oakland Aesthetics and Golden State Warriors, as well as the football team, the Oakland Raiders.

        New York

Another of the USA’s most iconic cities, New York is home to some of the USA’s most well-known sports teams – the Giants, the Yankees and the Rangers. However, some of the other teams in the state include the basketball team, the New York Mets, and the football team, the New York Jets. If you’re a baseball enthusiast, you should also consider taking a ride out to Cooperstown to see the Baseball Hall of Fame.


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