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Azure Saga Pathfinder DELUXE Edition Releases



Jakarta, March 21st, in the year of our Lord 2019 — A love letter for classic JRPG, Azure Saga: Pathfinder DELUXE Edition, has arrived on Nintendo Switch! The game is brought to you by Indonesian publisher Toge Productions and developer MassHive Media. In this deluxe edition, you can get the full game alongside the alternative costumes DLC for the price of $9.99. Wear them and make your adventure become more festive! What’s more, you still can get a 15% discount for purchase until March 28th, 2019.

Join the adventure of Synch, a young scientist on a quest to find his lost father. As the journey advances, you will also meet new companions. Band with them and fight the enemies using different types of skills. In Azure Saga: Pathfinder, aside from the main quest, your journey will also be complemented with various interesting side quests. Finish the quest to learn the secret of the planet.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder features 2.5D isometric vast landscapes with various dungeons and puzzles you need to solve to unlock new areas. Moreover, you can enjoy mini-games that can be found in some of the dungeons such as fishing. Though, don’t go on thinking you can just roam casually in dungeons. There will also be enemies that will try to stop whatever you are doing. Battle them in JRPG-style turn-based combat to gain EXP and items.

The game features:

A world with a classic storyline that will delight both veterans and new RPG fans, infused with highly detailed 2D illustrations

Traditional Turn-Based RPG Gameplay inspired by classic JRPGs

Strategize and configure your characters’ gear and jewels to enhance their maximum potential.

Unite, mix, and match your characters’ skills to discover powerful abilities, each with their special effects

Classic old school adventure with tons of puzzles and secrets to discover

No word on a physical copy version of this game on this system in the US at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.

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