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August 30, in the year of our Lord 2018 - Roll up your sleeves, dust off your skateboards, and become the coolest kid in town in The Videokid, out today for Nintendo Switch and tomorrow for Xbox One/ Windows 10. Publisher Chorus Worldwide is teaming up with Pixel Trip Studios to bring ‘80s nostalgia, sick tricks, smashed windows, and grazed knees to a whole new audience.

In The Videokid you skate through hazardous streets, sewers, and more to deliver bootleg video tapes, but you have to look super cool while you’re at it - weave through traffic, grind on cars, kickflip, ollie, perform mad combos and even avoid the gaping mouth of a sewer alligator, all while flinging tapes into your customers’ mailboxes.

There are hundreds of ways to die, and you only have one life - will you live long enough to catch all the ‘80s references to your favourite movies and TV shows? Accompanied by a pulsating 8-bit soundtrack (written by DJ Savant), The Videokid is modern retro at its most dewy-eyed.

The Videokid originally released on Steam in January 2017 and has enjoyed a ‘positive’ user rating from fans who know a good thing when they see it - after all, everything was better in the ‘80s.

Adam Jeffcoat, Director at Pixel Trip Studios, said: “Skateboards, classic TV shows and pirate VHS tapes, The Videokid is basically one big 80s nostalgic journey through my own childhood. With so many fond memories of playing Paperboy on my cousins NES when I was a kid, it's SO exciting to have the Videokid coming out on home consoles all these years later!"

Shintaro Kanaoya, CEO of Chorus Worldwide Games Limited, said: “I still remember the '80s like it was yesterday. None of this internet, share and like, ‘can I have your Snapbook’ nonsense. So when I saw The Videokid, I knew we had to get it out into the world, show people what games should really be like: punishing, colourful, with an amazing bleep-bloop soundtrack. I only wish we could put the game on a cartridge, or charge 10p per go.”

No word on a physical copy version of this game on these systems at this time. Families are required to pay for Internet usage fees to download this game. For more information click here.

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