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RXN -Raijin- Physical Copy Announced



Hong Kong - August 23, in the year of our Lord 2018 – Independent developer & publisher Eastasiasoft Limited, alongside Japanese publisher Kayac and Japanese developer Gulti, today announced that the arcade-style shooter RXN -Raijin-, will be the second official limited physical print in eastasiasoft’s Nintendo Switch collection.

Created in part to as a celebration of the Gulti’s 10th anniversary, RXN -Raijin- is a vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up, inspired by arcade shooters, but designed for the Nintendo Switch – making excellent use of the 16:9 screen when it comes to the beautiful arrays of projectiles & enemies found in the game.

RXN -Raijin- takes heavy gameplay inspiration from the experiences of the Gulti team, having been veterans of the shoot ’em up arcade genre for decades. With main title music composition from Yuzo Koshiro. The entire RXN -Raijin- team’s cumulative experience has resulted in a beautiful tribute to the genre.

RXN -Raijin- will be playable in English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. The physical release will contain all the latest updates and content found on the digital version.

RXN -Raijin- Limited physical release for Nintendo Switch will launch in Asia in September 2018 and will be available at online retailer Play-Asia.com. Players can look forward to both Standard & Limited-Edition releases of RXN -Raijin-.

The Limited Edition will be limited to 3,000 copies and available for US$49.99 / HK$389. The Standard Edition will be available for US$39.99 / HK$310. Online pre-order at retailer Play-Asia.com will open on August 30.

RXN -Raijin- Limited Edition for Nintendo Switch includes:

A physical copy of the game (region free)
Collector's Box with alternative art
Full-color printed manual
48-page full-color artbook
Official Steelbook™ with alternative art
An individually numbered collector's certificate

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