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Joyful Christmas Prayers



December 25, in the year of our Lord 2018 -- Joyful Christmas to you and your family! May you be tremendously blessed! It is Birthday Party Time for Jesus - Celebrate! Consider baking a birthday cake! And ice cream!

A Free Game with every order through Christian Games NOW is our holiday promotion. No special code to enter. Or half off our new Interactive Bible Series store with code Christ50.

Dear Lord -
We earnestly pray for peace as we celebrate Jesus' birth. Help every person in the world realize that they are special to you and that there is no need to harm others.

We add a special prayer for those fighting depression and mental illness. Lord, please comfort and heal them.

In Jesus' name,

Specials Thru End of Year
One Free Game with every order – through our http://www.christiangamesnow.com/ site or mailed in! No code required for this path. And Free Shipping on orders $50 or over within USA (International customers are advised to buy downloadable games otherwise pay only actual shipping costs) - which is our ongoing special for this web site.

If you shop our http://Interactive-Bible.com store, the download section has a half off coupon – Christ50 – be sure to select Free Shipping bullet if that is shown (if you are buying a mixture of downloadable games and games on CD – do two separate transactions, one with downloadable only and coupon code. Next, the physical CD order.) The coupon is good until the end of the year only at Interactive-Bible.com

Prayers and Links
Looking backward and forward-
We pray that God blesses you and your family. Please pray for our team as well as all of the other teams!

Let's all pray for the new year - that we Glorify our Lord and Savior.

We humbly ask that you consider Christian-themed and Bible-based Games for Christmas or birthday gifts - or even for yourself. It would be a blessing to the hard-working developers. And we pray that it would be a blessing to you and your families as well.

If you are a Facebook user, please check out our pages. Some could use your "Like"s if you do like them.

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