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How to balance games and studying



Video games have been around for some time now, and for a student, it is part of a weekend’s recreational activities. But, does everyone wait until Saturday or Sunday to play FIFA18? Well, that’s a question that everyone learner out there must ask. It is because, while work no-play, makes Jack a dull boy, overly indulging with the Jockey stick is probably going to deal your studies a big blow. The point here is that moderation is the key to balancing games and studying, and it comes with taking into consideration, tips that make amends on both sides.

This post explores how to balance online games and academics, but before going into the details; here is a quick look at a few important things that every student should know before taking a nosedive into the gaming world.

Addiction is real
Today, it logging into Xbox or Playstation has become the new normal. And that is not to mention routinely checking into an online community of gamers to find out what everyone is saying about candy crash or Angry Birds. The question is; are you a gamer addict? Admittedly, playing games have grown into addiction among many a student from different Universities, and before you know it, one is missing classes, grades begin to suffer and every worthwhile opportunity is flying out of the window.

It is to say, the urge to play and experience new graphics in a recently updated or a newly released burn deep, and a desire to quench the thirst that comes with it is like drug addiction. The fun, thrill and explosive nature of playing keep getting better, and those who partake in it continuously grow anxious about the next features in EA Sports. They cannot resist it!

The gaming world is revolutionary
In the past few decades, technology has been a pacesetter in everything we do, dream and think about. And even today, everyone is already readying themselves for bigger surprises in the tech world. But here comes another vital question over which every player must ponder. Is the revolution impacting the world of computer gaming negatively or in a positive way? How far has it come, and what can we expect in the next few years?

Well, a few years ago, everyone was used to playing 2D, and the graphics resolution of games like Need for Speed was way below par.

Things have changed though; 3D gaming is the new kid in the block! Everyone school going child knows when FIFA ’19 is set to be released, and so are the features that will be transitional from the 2018 version. From mind-boggling graphics, cutting-edge video codec, highly engaging commentary to live chats in online communities, there wouldn’t have been a better way to describe something that is as revolutionary as video games in the 21st Century.

Virtual Reality (VR) has upped the world of gaming, and in ways that would have been hard to imagine a decade ago. That is not all. How Augmented Reality (AR) will revolutionize video gaming remains food for thought. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence is set to replace human players through machine learning, which is technically going to be the biggest revolution ever, but when?

Tips for balancing studying and gaming
Thus far, and with the aforementioned at the back of your mind, it is time to teach every student out there how to maneuver the temptation of playing then a whole day at the expense of assignments. Take a look at the following tips:

• It should be a hobby
The first step towards striking a balance between playing time and lectures or assignments is admitting that gaming is a hobby. It means; Smartphone or computer version of the Little Alchemy should fall into the category of activities one partakes on during free-time. Take this approach, and the jigsaw will fit.

• Set Priorities
Students who love gaming would easily fall into a temptation of carrying their smartphones into a lecture hall, at least to keep playing Warcraft or Minecraft. When this happens, everything boils down to a lack of priorities. There is no balancing act in this case, and focus on academics is going to suffer a serious blow.

• Cheat deadlines when doing assignments for more gaming time
Cheating deadline works, and especially if procrastination, which is a student syndrome, is likely going to set in, derailing one’s study schedule. So, what does it mean? Well, start doing your assignments as soon as your teacher avails it. It will leave you with a lot of gaming time to spare. You might want to spend some money on custom essay helpers like Essayvikings.com, and that’s okay because it too, saves time.

• Clear your study room of gaming accessories
There is probably a gaming console in the living room, but, what about your study room? Removing such accessories from your study areas is not only going to make it difficult playing at the wrong time, but also helpful when it comes to avoiding distractions. You could also think about study environments away from tempting gaming console in the house.

• Make playing a reward
Everyone deserves a pat on the back, especially after a long tedious yet a successful day in school. You are not going to go against this rule, right? By making games part of a reward system, it should then follow that one only plays when a day’s goals in the classroom have been realized. It works like the laws of nature.

• Choose games based on duration
FIFA is addictive, albeit, every session lasts a few seconds. Therefore, one must weigh addiction against duration before settling on a gaming activity that is not going to eat into study time.

In a nutshell, education is the key to a better future, and spending a considerable amount of time gaming online is going to help boost a student’s creative process. You only have to strike a balancing act, and of course, with more time allotted to academia.


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