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How to Pick the Best Gaming Console as Gifts for Teenagers A Buying Guide



It’s that time of the year again. Shopping for gifts for the little ones is very fun. Those little toddlers appreciate almost anything you give them. Picking up toys is a walk in the park.

However, what if you have a teenager? You can’t just go to a toy shop and pick up a stuffed animal or a Rubik's cube anymore. You will end up with a frustrated kid instead of a thankful and happy one.

Teenagers can be so hard to please. What are they up to now? The answer? Video games!

Now that you know what to give your teenager, the next question is which one? What do you know about these boxes that connect to the TV? Fear not, this will be your ultimate guide on how to pick the
best gifts for teenage boys, especially if they are gamers.

First, here’s a list of the top-selling gaming consoles of 2018:

Xbox One X Deluxe 5 Gaming Bundle
With the Xbox One X, games look awesome because it is a 4K HDR system that highlights every minute detail, so the graphics are amazing! It has 6 teraflops of graphical processing power and 4K Blu-ray player for an immersive gaming. This bundle includes a 1TB console, a controller, and five games – Just Dance 2016, Call of Duty WWII('M' rated title), FIFA 17, Just Dance 2018, and NFL 17. It boasts 40% more power compared with other consoles.

Nintendo Switch
This little stunner is light and portable and can be carried around when in handheld mode. The screen can be shared by flipping the stand and sharing the Joy-Con for a multiplayer game. It can serve up to eight Nintendo Switch accounts, which is good for families with many kids. It also has a dock to put your Switch in and play the game on a television.

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console
The Sony PlayStation 4Pro is one of the best consoles when it comes to graphics. It is so powerful that gameplay delivers fast frame rates and crisp and sharp action. You can play all PS4 games on this one, too. It supports 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscale for all video content. This may be the best gaming console there is.

HTC Vive Virtual Reality System
This is a virtual reality system, so it is played as if you are IN the game. There are more than 1500 games you can play with the Vive. You don’t have to sit around all day playing games anymore. With a VR system like this, you can stand up and walk around as you are playing a game. You will feel like you are doing all the action in real life.

Nintendo Wii U Console
The Nintendo Wii U has a gamepad controller with its own screen and connects wirelessly to the console and the television. You have the choice to play on the controller screen or the TV. The interface is simple and easy to use, and with the use of the Internet, you can connect with friends on Miiverse. You can even video chat or play together.

New Nintendo 3DS XL
Yes, it’s 3D and it’s so cool! Since it’s Nintendo, the New 3DS XL processor is quite fast in loading games and apps. Downloading is even better. The most famous Super Mario 3D Land and great Mario Kart 7, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Super Smash Bros, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Pokemon X & Y are just a few of the many games best played on this device.

PlayStation Portable 3000 Corepack System
There is much more to this console than just playing games. It’s like a compact computer, so you can also use it for browsing using Wi-Fi, playing music, chatting, and watching videos. The design is fabulous and looks very elegant. There is a built-in microphone so you can enjoy the voice features of the games. Skype is built in, and with a speaker and mic, you don’t need a headset. You can also enjoy 3D games in high quality and full motion on a PSP. It can easily be connected to the TV so you can play games on a big screen. With these cool features, it’s like having the world in your hands.

Oculus Rift
Last but not least is the Oculus Rift. This classy and elegant-looking VR console is the pioneer among VR goggles. The realistic images could actually make you feel as if you are no longer on earth. Some of the best games on the Oculus Rift are Lone Echo, Superhot, Robo Recall, Wilson’s Heart, The Mage’s Tale, The Unspoken, and The Climb.
Alright, you have the list, but still you have no idea which one to get. Let’s break them down into categories.

Do you think your teenagers would enjoy playing on your 75-inch smart TV or would they prefer to take the games anywhere they go?

Here are the consoles that are stationary and can only be played at home while connected to a television or computer:

Xbox One X Deluxe 5 Gaming Bundle
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console
HTC Vive Virtual Reality System
Nintendo Wii U Console
Oculus Rift

And here are the handy ones:

Nintendo Switch
New Nintendo 3DS XL
PlayStation Portable 3000 Corepack System

Let’s talk about the price.

Xbox One X Deluxe 5 Gaming Bundle – $472.59
Nintendo Switch – $299.00
PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console – $399.99
HTC Vive Virtual Reality System – $499.00
Nintendo Wii U Console – $750.00
Nintendo New 3DS XL – $213.93
PlayStation Portable 3000 Corepack System – starts from $101.99
Oculus Rift – $399.00

These prices are based on Amazon deals. They are the latest prices, but you can look for other deals from hundreds of sellers who can give you half their original prices for a slightly used console. There are also other selling platforms that offer these consoles for cheaper prices depending on the condition (used or new). You may check out E-bay, Macy’s, or Best Buy.

Whatever you decide on getting your teenage kids, what’s important is that you give them the best that you can get for whatever budget you have. You may play these games together as a family as well, and it will definitely be so much fun! All these consoles are to die for, and anyone who will give these as gifts will surely make those hard-to-please teenagers jump for joy!


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