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Grey Dog Software’s Blowout Black Friday sale



Grey Dog Software, a Phoenix based developer of sports management simulation software for personal computers, is running its biggest and longest Black Friday Sale ever! You can find amazing deals on nearly every title we sell with most discounts ranging from 40% all the way to 70%!

Beginning today, you can use the coupon code GDBF18 at checkout in the Grey Dog Software webstore.
Simply add a game to shopping cart, choose the option “I have a discount coupon for this product” and enter the code GDBF18 for as many games as you like! This promotion will run until Monday, Dec 3.

The breakdown of the sale is as follows:

$24.95: World of Mixed Martial Arts 5 ($10 off)
$19.95: Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 ($15 off)
$14.95: Fast Break College Basketball ($20 off), Fast Break Pro Basketball ($20 off)
$9.95: Bowl Bound College Football ($10 off), Comic Book Hero ($15 off), Wrestling Spirit 3 ($15 off), World of Mixed Martial Arts 4 ($15 off), Total Extreme Wrestling 2013 ($15 off)
$7.95: Imperium: Arena of Death ($7 off), Arcadia: Guild of Heroes ($7 off)
$5.95: Wrestling Spirit 2 ($9 off), World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 ($14 off), Total Extreme Wrestling 2010 ($14 off)

For more information, visit Grey Dog Software’s message forums for more on any of our catalog of titles, including: Total Extreme Wrestling, Bowl Bound College Football, Fast Break Basketball, Wrestling Spirit and Comic Book Hero.


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